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Broad Branch Farm
Chillicothe (Online Store-delivery to Peoria and Naperville)
Size(s) available: 24 oz jars and 5 pound jars

Grandma and Grandpa's Farm
Sparland (Online Store-delivery to Peoria)
Size(s) available: 24 oz jars
Midwest Farm Charm
Size(s) available: 24 oz jars, 16 oz bottles
Morrissey Produce
Henry (Farm Market)
Size(s) available: 24 oz jars, 16 oz bottles

Schaer Produce
Sparland (Fall Pumpkin Market)
Peoria (Metro Centre Farmer's Market)
Chillicothe (Chillicothe Farmer's Market)
Size(s) available: 16 oz bottles

Grace Catering
2700 W Second St
Peoria, IL 61615
ze(s) available: 16 oz bottles, 8 oz bottles

SOlstice Jar Exchange Program
In order to cut down on plastic use, Solstice honey is packaged in glass jars. Glass is relatively more sustainable than plastic since is more easily recycled, but the majority of glass still ends up landfills rather than new glass products. Because of this, Solstice offers a jar exchange program on the 5# jars. In return for a rinsed jar with a lid, $5 is discounted from your jar. The jars are cleaned, sanitized, given new lids and reused. If you do not want an exchanged jar, new 5# jars are available. However, to participate in the jar exchange, you must accept a reused jar.

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