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Honey and Bees

Solstice Apiaries is proud to offer top-quality honey and bees for its customers. Try some out-you won't be disappointed!


Solstice honey is a rich blend of wild clovers, bush honeysuckle, linden, and various wildflowers. Solstice honey is raw and is never heated above natural hive temperatures in order to keep the healthy natural enzymes and pollens intact. The honey production colonies are managed using an organic approach to assure that the honey is unadulterated with antibiotics or synthetic miticides commonly used in the industry. Currently, our 2020 crop is crystallized which naturally happens to raw honey. It can easily be liquefied by slowly heating in warm water. Please contact me or check out the "Stockists/Jar Exchange" tab to purchase and to learn about the Solstice Jar Exchange Program.



5# Jar-$35

24 oz-$12

NucLeus COlonies


2024 Nucleus Colony Reservations are Now Open!

Nucleus colonies are a great way to establish your apiary and are a much lower risk than a 3# package with an untested queen. If you are hoping to harvest a honey crop in the fall of your first year, a nucleus is the best bet. These will be released late April to late May, weather dependent. The nucleus comes in a wooden box which the customer may keep if they wish. I have had customers who harvested 30+ pounds of honey and a new split off nucleus colonies installed in the beginning of June. I will have a very limited amount of these colonies so please order early!

All queens in the nucleus colonies are bred from my own honey production stock and wintered in my apiary.

2024 Price:

$200 (includes the pine transport box)


Most of the queens mated at Solstice Apiaries are used for requeening and creating new nucleus colonies. Occasionally, there are extra mated queens or queen cells available. These are great to use to requeen a hive with a failing queen or to make splits. Please check out the "My Work" tab to see how I raise my queens to the highest standard in the industry.


$40-Mated, Laying Queen

$5-Queen Cells

*Solstice Apiaries Nucleus Colony Guarantee: 

Nucleus colonies purchased from Solstice Apiaries are guaranteed to have been overwintered in central Illinois and have healthy, laying queens upon install. There is no guarantee of the queen after install due to variables that are out of the control of Solstice. Queen replacement is up to discretion of Solstice Apiary.

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